ConducoFilm: CNT Composite Conductivity Film - Unparalleled Conductivity

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Composite Film - Advanced Conductivity Technology

Unparalleled Conductivity:

Our CNT Composite Film exhibits exceptional electrical conductivity, making it an ideal solution for applications that demand efficient transmission of electricity. Crafted with advanced carbon nanotube technology, this film enables seamless and reliable flow of electric current, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of electronic systems and devices.


Specification Levels:

Level 1: Low Resistance (Ω 10^5)
This variant of our CNT Composite Film offers low resistance, allowing for efficient electrical transmission. It is suitable for applications that require high electrical conductivity and minimal power loss.

Level 2: Ultra-Low Resistance (Ω 10^3)
Our Level 2 CNT Composite Film takes conductivity to the next level with an ultra-low resistance rating. It provides even greater electrical efficiency, making it ideal for applications demanding superior conductivity and minimal energy consumption.

Level 3: Superconductive (Ω 10^1)
The pinnacle of our CNT Composite Film technology, Level 3 offers superconductive properties with an extremely low resistance rating. This variant ensures virtually no electrical resistance, enabling unparalleled conductivity and optimal performance in high-end electronic systems.

Use Case:

Experience the power of advanced conductivity with our ConducoFilm. This CNT Composite Conductivity Film is designed to deliver exceptional electrical transmission capabilities across a wide range of applications. With its unique carbon nanotube composite structure, ConducoFilm offers unparalleled conductivity, making it an ideal solution for applications that demand high efficiency and minimal energy loss.



a. Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Casings:
Optimize the performance and safety of electric vehicle battery systems with our CNT Composite Film. Its exceptional conductivity ensures efficient power transmission within the battery casing, improving overall battery efficiency and longevity.

b. Energy Storage Systems:
Integrate our CNT Composite Film into energy storage systems, such as large-scale batteries or grid-level storage solutions. The film's superior conductivity enables efficient energy transfer, maximizing the system's overall efficiency and performance.

c. Radiation Shielding:
Our CNT Composite Film showcases remarkable conductivity properties that can be leveraged for radiation shielding applications such as EMI & EMC. By incorporating the film into protective barriers or enclosures, it can help mitigate the effects of electromagnetic radiation, providing shielding and reducing potential interference in sensitive electronic systems.

d. Telecommunications Infrastructure: Incorporate our CNT Composite Film into telecommunications systems to enhance signal transmission and reception. The film’s superior conductivity can improve the efficiency of data transfer, reducing latency and boosting the performance of your network infrastructure.

e. Medical Devices: Our CNT Composite Film can be integrated into medical devices that require precise and efficient electrical transmission. Its high conductivity can enhance the performance of these devices, potentially leading to more accurate diagnostics and effective treatments.

f. Aerospace Applications: Utilize our CNT Composite Film in aerospace applications, such as satellite systems or aircraft electronics. The film’s exceptional conductivity can ensure optimal performance in these high-demand environments, contributing to safer and more efficient operations.

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