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ThermoFlex: Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Composite Film - Heating Technology

Efficient Heating Capabilities:

Leveraging the unique properties of carbon nanotubes, our CNT Composite Film delivers efficient heating capabilities. It excels at generating and uniformly distributing heat, making it well-suited for a wide range of heating applications. From consumer electronics to automotive systems and beyond, this film unlocks possibilities for enhanced thermal management and improved energy efficiency.


Specification Levels:

Level 1: Low Resistance (Ω 10^5)
This variant of our CNT Composite Film offers low resistance, allowing for efficient electrical transmission. It is suitable for applications that require high electrical conductivity and minimal power loss.

Level 2: Ultra-Low Resistance (Ω 10^3)
Our Level 2 CNT Composite Film takes conductivity to the next level with an ultra-low resistance rating. It provides even greater electrical efficiency, making it ideal for applications demanding superior conductivity and minimal energy consumption.

Level 3: Superconductive (Ω 10^1)
The pinnacle of our CNT Composite Film technology, Level 3 offers superconductive properties with an extremely low resistance rating. This variant ensures virtually no electrical resistance, enabling unparalleled conductivity and optimal performance in high-end electronic systems.

Use Case:

The Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Heating Film is a type of transparent film heater that uses a conductive layer of carbon nanotubes to generate heat. This innovative product is known for its efficient heating capabilities, uniform heat distribution, and flexibility.

On both sides of the heating film, there are high purity copper conductors attached to a Nano-tech heating element through a patented trapezoid-silver mesh. Electrical resistance is generated between the two conductors, which warms up the special carbon heating element to its optimum temperature depending on the performance.



a. Heating Mats:
Harnessing its efficient heating capabilities, our CNT Composite Film is perfect for heating mats. Whether used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, this film provides uniform and rapid heat distribution, ensuring comfort and warmth in various settings.

b. Heating Shoes:
Incorporating our CNT Composite Film into shoe designs, you can enjoy the benefits of customizable heating. From winter footwear to specialized applications like medical or outdoor gear, heating shoes equipped with our film offer warmth and comfort in cold environments.

c. Environmental Control Systems:
In HVAC systems, climate control devices, and other environmental control systems, our CNT Composite Film can be used for efficient heating. It ensures quick and uniform heat distribution, improving energy efficiency and providing comfortable indoor environments.

d. Vehicle Seat Heaters:
Our CNT Composite Film can be integrated into vehicle seat heaters. Its efficient heating capabilities and uniform heat distribution can provide a comfortable and warm driving experience in cold weather.

e. Heated Clothing:
Our CNT Composite Film can be incorporated into clothing designs to provide customizable heating. Ideal for outdoor activities in cold environments, heated clothing equipped with our film offers warmth and comfort.

f. Medical Devices:

In medical devices that require heating, such as heat therapy pads, our CNT Composite Film can be used for efficient and uniform heating. It can help improve patient comfort and treatment effectiveness.

g. Greenhouses:

For temperature control in greenhouses, our CNT Composite Film can be used to provide efficient heating. It ensures a warm and suitable environment for plant growth, especially in cold climates.

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