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Chemical Policy


Introduction to Carter Industrial Company Chemicals Management

At Carter Industrial Company, we are committed to manufacturing synthetic leather products responsibly and in a sustainable manner. We prioritize the safety of our products and strive to minimize their impact on the environment and human health. As a leading GRS-certified manufacturer, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable world by offering innovative and high-quality materials that meet the needs of our customers.


  1. Introduction to Chemicals Management
    1. The responsible management of chemicals is essential to ensure the safety and sustainability of the vegan leather products we produce. Our commitment aligns with international sustainability goals, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We recognize the potential impact of certain chemicals on human health and the environment, which has led us to develop specific policies to address chemicals management within Carter Industrial Company.
  2. Guiding Principles
    1. Carter Industrial Company products must not use or contain harmful substances as defined in our Restricted Substances List (RSL).
    2. We strive to meet and exceed all legal requirements related to chemicals management, setting internal limits that often go beyond what the law requires.
    3. We proactively seek to avoid the use of potentially problematic substances, even if they are legally permitted.
    4. Transparency is important to us, and we aim to provide clear information on the use of chemicals in our product portfolio.
  3. Chemical Compliance Framework
    1. To implement our Chemicals Policy effectively, Carter Industrial Company has established a comprehensive chemical compliance framework. This framework is managed by our Chemical Compliance Team, which operates within our Product Compliance Department.
    2. Carter Industrial Company Restricted Substances List (RSL): Our RSL communicates the requirements related to the use of substances in materials, products, and manufacturing processes. It is updated regularly, in line with regulatory changes, and forms an integral part of our agreements with suppliers.
    3. Support Management: Carter Industrial Company's Chemical Compliance Team manages support requests from all stakeholders, ensuring that responsible chemical management is integrated into our core business practices.
    4. Communication & Training: We emphasize effective communication with our supply chain partners to ensure a thorough understanding of the materials used in our products. This includes providing appropriate training to Carter Industrial Company employees and partners on relevant requirements and best practices.
    5. Chemical Screening: Regular chemical screening is conducted on our in-production rPVB leather products to ensure compliance with our RSL requirements. We also conduct testing for legal compliance, using third-party accredited test laboratories.
    6. Proactive Approach: Carter Industrial Company remains proactive by monitoring global regulations to stay compliant with evolving statutory requirements. We actively seek substitutes for problematic substances as alternative options become available, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement.


June 30, 2023

Carter Industrial Company

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