Sustainable Approach | Carter Industrial Company

Our Approach

At Carter Industrial Company, we are committed to fostering a more sustainable world through our innovative and high-quality products. We aim to inspire individuals to embrace an active lifestyle while ensuring responsible manufacturing practices with minimal impact on the climate and environment.

We understand that social, environmental, and financial responsibility is essential for achieving lasting and responsible sustainable development. Guided by the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we adopt a strategic and long-term approach to our sustainability initiatives. These initiatives are comprehensive and encompass the entire value chain, guided by our Code of Conduct and policies.

Our Code of Conduct is seamlessly integrated into our strategic decision-making processes and day-to-day operations. It serves as the foundation for our sustainability efforts, driving continuous improvements across our organization. We hold a deep appreciation for the environmental and climate implications of our products and operations.

Ensuring the safety and confidence of our consumers is paramount to us. We prioritize transparency in the development and manufacturing processes of our products. Our employees, along with our suppliers and sub-suppliers, are provided with healthy and safe workplaces, promoting their well-being. We also ensure that our investors have the assurance of sustainable returns over the long term.

A Deeper Dialogue

At Carter Industrial Company, we recognize the importance of maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders to better understand their expectations and requirements for our company as an employer and in respect to our brands. In line with this commitment, we have intensified our engagement with investors, experts, clients, and consumers in recent years.

We understand that there is a growing interest in our sustainability efforts and how we contribute to addressing climate and environmental challenges. We actively address inquiries and discussions related to these topics. Additionally, we focus on the social responsibility goals of our suppliers and our company as a whole. We are attentive to the increasing frequency of questions regarding sustainability risks and the adoption of circular business models.

To enhance our understanding and benchmark our sustainability efforts, we actively participate in numerous ESG surveys. These surveys evaluate our environmental, social, and corporate governance practices in comparison to other companies, providing valuable insights and knowledge on areas for improvement.

At Carter Industrial Company, we firmly believe that in-depth knowledge of our sustainability performance is essential for driving meaningful change. By engaging in ongoing dialogue, participating in surveys, collaborating with partners, and leveraging digital reporting tools, we remain dedicated to advancing our sustainability efforts and continuously improving our practices.


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